Workout Wednesday 8.24.2016

By | August 24th, 2016|Workout Wednesday|

3 rounds for time: 30x kettlebell swing, 2/1.5-pood kettebell 100m Farmer's Walk, 2/1.5-pood kettebell, each hand 400-meter Run Accumulate the following; 3 minutes, forearm plank 1 minute, L-sit   Hey team! Today's workout is a [...]

Flexibility Friday 8.19.2016

By | August 19th, 2016|Flexibility Friday|

30 seconds, each pose, each side: Extended Puppy Pose Gate Pose 1 minute, each pose Head to Knee Forward Fold Revolved Seated Staff Reclined Hamstring Stretch Reclined Spinal Twist Eye of the Needle   For [...]

Workout Wednesday 8.17.2016

By | August 17th, 2016|Workout Wednesday|

For time 200-meter Run 40x kettlebell swings 200-meter Run 30x kettlebell swings 200-meter Run 20x kettlebell swings 200-meter Run Rest 10 Minutes 4x 400-meter Run, rest 90 seconds between rounds Kettlebell should be heavy enough [...]

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